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As an architect Swiss and later as an open artist is what. “We” can describe “Fred Mou”

All my studies done in Geneva and graduated from the Institute of Architecture 1970
Art of School in Paris Beaux Arts 1971

Many sketches and paintings done at the Milanese

Institute of Art

Many trip in the world
in Europe (France, Italy, Holland, England , Sweden , Denmark, etc…)
In Asia (Singapore, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc..)
In Middle east (Lebanon, Israel, etc..)
In Africa (North, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, etc...)
In North America (many states as N.Y., Washington, California, etc..)

Fred Mou

In South America ( Colombia , Guatemala , etc...) Caribbean Islands, French, Spanish, English

Many Paintings between 1980 – 1990, while I was busy with my main architecture work.

Then began some expositions in Geneva as:
Galerie La Canelle 1982
Penta Hôtel 1985
Galerie La Palette 1988

In France :
Cannes galerie Le Suquet 1982
Nice Galerie Esterel 1984
Paris Galerie 8eme 1985

Through my trips I have seen many landscape and oceans whiled world marines, some time inaccessible. Researching the light which give the colors the real expression for life on earth and the “sky ceiling” of our planet world.

And..... optimitic surprise
Fred mou and... optimitic surprise     Fred mou and... optimitic surprise    Fred mou and... optimitic surprise     optimitic surprise

We remenber : Fred was formaly trained as an architect which is immediately perceivable in the elegance of his work. His unique combining of nature with symbols, has given birth to a new concept in art : "Animassymbolism" With all the new age knowledge of the universe, all it's beauty and mystery.

It is the artist who interprets the human experience of all that surrounds us. Such is the art of Fred Mou, the "animassymbolist"
Fred Mou's insight into the birth of new century is definiing moment when art and the man fused to define a cosmic beginning.
Many things happened since 2011, many exibitions in Galleria MonteOliveto Paris, Nice -
Galerie David Castillo Miami - Gallery barbay Tel Aviv, Next will be Berlin and Moscou