Art drawing forms architecture symbols painting of Fred Mou Human body    Going from watter to space    Flying metal Streets no where     Shells are growing?
Biographie - figuratif art - Coast and symbol - Art nature - Special vision - Form and fonction - Discovery
Sailing - Symbolism - Planet discovered - Stringism - 2015 - 2016 - 2018 - Contact

Arts is done with hands, fingers and specially eye interpretation, so the artist finds new life and expression giving an other interpretation and recognizable images are reduced to symbol

Works on paper, drawings, by narrowing the focus and emerges as principal subject, confusing subjects matter and form.

Than the images are the influence of form and style, added to the technique, generating an emotional viewing

This technique are inventing the painting and the development of new ideas

I think that the artist need to create their own destiny

Electric jets - Acrylic on drawing paper - 18.5*11 inches
Electric jets