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As said in the begining of the web page, the new painting attest the influence of the images in the world, some converging specially between Asian continent and the western world, unified and distant in the same time by oceans with all its environment living shell in deep sea (as flowers in the sea moving) betwen scraps and other kind of life infini.
All these with its shores, boats, sky changing, because the winds have no end (sea is always open).
So my trips between Asian continents (Vietnam, China, Thailand, etc..) and western world ocean (pacific, atlantic, mediteraen) lead me to colours and geometric natural, and unatural forms.

reference :
AGORA Gallery
530 West 25th Street,
Chelsea, New York

Infini - Acrylic on canevas - 29.5*26.3 inches
Infini - Acrylic on canevas - 29.5*26.3 inches