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As on architect (studies) I also studied art at Paris, Milano and Geneva. home of research in physics C.E.R.N. (Centre Europeen Recherche Nucleaire) invention of théoris and practis, giving birth to abstraction lines, coloured intimely in touch with reality, the result of all these countries working together ( one world).
So I wanted to discover, and had many travels in Europe (France, England, Italy, etc...) U.S.A., Asia, S. America, making to me a wide opinion (various climate, social, landscape; etc...)
So trough my trips, I felt the connexion between theorie and practis, and then reality came over, with a deeper experience (land and sea + our sky)
Later I joined gallerys for the open experience to public in Paris, Nice, geneva, Naples, Singapour,and specialy in USA where I had few exibitions in N.Y. at Agora Gallery in Chelsea (2010, 2011, ...2012).

That I liked and they helped me to understand more why I am creating improving (big organisation, so I crossed many other art works from artists) - It is a big dynamic to participate. I joined other gallerys, Florida, Miami, opening perhaps later a way for art Basel (Swiss, USA)
Also I am looking forward for the unique combining nature symbols (lines, colors mixed) giving a new concept of art "animassymbolism" and with all the new age knowledge of the universe all its beauty and MYSTERY

Dreams - acrylic on canevas.28.3x39.7 inches
Dreams - acrylic on canevas.28.3x39.7 inches