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I am not Swiss only I am a Citizen of this world (Socrate)

Confusing or parallelism can be understood between deep earth including Life Ocean and our “ceiling” planet around our cosmos and still many forums of science is evaluating ( Darwin )

Artists are leaping for the sublime, finding new life and sheds their outer life.

In the labyrinth I try to find individual answers to have a balancing act.

Somme of the images can see it in four different positions

I mean up down, horizontally or vertically way.
It is still balanced same images of deep oceans and higher views of satellites

So we are looking for order, we will find it (horizontally, vertically) still this is a mountain a level of control, where the strange can be familiar, it is a kind of “mystery”.

As strange is our world vegetal, animal and humans.


Blowing wind
Blowing wind - Acrylic on drawing paper - 16.3*11.4 inches